Chinese b2 air rifle


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chinese b2 air rifle

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You should all receive a copy of this message by PM. To close this message box, click on the 'X' in the top-right-hand corner. To clear this text box, click on the 'X' in the top right-hand corner. Messages: 10 Likes Received: 0 Location: Haslemere. Fellow airgunners Has anyone tried the WD40, Slick 50 motor oil treatment recommended online by an American airgun dealer Eddie, sounds dodgy as I type it!

I tried it on my Westlake B2 and it seemed to make no difference. I know some airgunners say B2s are not worth the trouble but I thought I'd give it a try as the gun deiseled so badly that 3 shots in sequence was all you could get out before combustion turned to detonation and damaged the seals, as happened with the first gun sent by SMK. The online site is called "Restoring power to Chinese air rifles" or at least you will get it if you Google that, if anyone is interested, also there is an American chinese air rifle forum!

Seems the Americans are getting something out of these cheap guns? Messages: 1, Likes Received: 56 Location: birmingham. It WD40 contains parafin among other stuff, parafin will provoke dieseling and cause rust it absorbs moisture from the air. However it is good to use as a cleaner and rust remover, if afterwards you clean it off. A good thin machine oil is best for an air rifle, added sparingly to the cylinder or it will diesel very little, very often, is the game.We Offer a complete line of newest sporting goods and equipment for all of your sporting buying demands.

Our China suppliers carry the largest inventory of quality sporting goods, hunting, fishing and camping equipment for sale. Learn more about the latest news of the sporting goods industry in our trade resources center. Our excellent buyer service is happy to help you with those hard to find items in the recreation industry. There is a huge variety of sporting and recreation goods from China, listed on our site including Air Rifle above, and you can choose from other purchasing options such as bb guns, air syringe, soft air gun before you make your final sourcing choice.

Find the right Air Rifle factory and manufacturers can make a big difference to your future business success. Hot Products. Sign In. Join Free. Inquiry Basket. Get Apps. Search by image. Products Suppliers Sourcing Requests Products.

All Categories. Post Sourcing Request. Product List Supplier List. View: List View. Gallery View. Recommended product from this supplier. Order: 50 Pieces. Suppliers with verified business licenses. Contact Now Inquiry Basket. Order: Pieces. Order: 30 Pieces.Those who have one usually praise it, and those who don't are missing out: Chinese. While the most common Chinese air rifle is the TS model, an adult-sized, maple-stocked, under-barrel-lever-cocking rifle, I shall use the TS rifle as my main example, since it is the only model that I own, though I have shot the others.

Currently, the trade flow of these single-shot rifles is being impeded by the Crime Bill's ban on Chinese firearms, but the supply is expected to improve shortly, as they are only pellet rifles, not firearms.

Three types of Chinese air rifles are available; the side-lever, under-barrel-level, and break-barrel models. The break-barrels, Model 61 and 62, are sometimes hopelessly inaccurate, and tend to be cheaper and more hand-fitted than the other models. These rifles are the lowest-priced of all Chinese-imports, and have corresponding accuracy, though they retain the high velocities of the other rifles, having basicly the same action.

It has an advertised velocity of fps, and range of yards. Recently, Bs have been advertised with scope mounts, as have the other Chinese air rifles, which either have scope mounts or actions grooved for scope rings. These are the largest of all the rifles, and I would assume have the best accuracy. The side-lever-cocking models are the original TS, the TS XS-B3, the author's rifle and the recently introduced B, which is basicly the TS with a more robust adult stock, and an action grooved for scope.

The TS is reportedly made by Norinco. The TS, externally resembling the AK, is complete with stamped metal receiver, maple pistol grip and forend, and unusually solid metal skeleton folding stock, reminiscent of the RPK's hinge system. The TS series all feature side-lever one-stroke cocking, varnished maple wood, blued parts, and all components save the safety are either stamped or milled steel.

There isn't one bit of plastic on these rifles, except for the removable Bakelite stock inserts that come on the TS's folding stock.

On the TS, two large screws hold the action to the receiver; one smaller screw with washer is on the bottom of the wooden forend and screws into the parts of the action where the barrel goes into the main assembly, the other screw is much larger and is on the rear top of the action, going through the part that went airborne as described later, and goes into a steel square in the rear of the receiver.

The receiver holds the M style safety on the right, which is cast from an old die, and the trigger guard. The trigger and cocking mechanism is part of the action, which separates upon the removal of the two screws.

The TS, The "Pioneer" XS-B3 as specified by the pamphlet included is the same as the TS only in its bolt system, which is simply a stainless steel bolt with an extremely powerful spring behind it as the author learned when he disassembled the rifle, only to have the rear, milled part of the action fly off the gun and make a large dent in the wall when he removed the rear pin which powers a piston within the bolt which, upon pulling the trigger, flys forward and powers air down the barrel, which has a plastic seal with the bolt.

To load, the pellet is placed directly in the barrel when the side-lever is drawn back, then the side-lever is pushed forward again and the lever locks against the side of the receiver on a notch and the rifle is ready to fire.

Upon pulling the trigger, which is rough and heavy, the piston's impact actually creates recoil, and an audible report, unlike your typical Crosman pump gun. The TS series is also much more accurate than even a top-of-the-line Crosman witha scope no less, as the author learned when shooting the pair simultaneously. The TS that the author purchased needed no sight adjustments to out-shoot the Crosman, by printing groups well under an inch at 45 feet.

Documents included with Chinese products are always good for comic relief, and often nothing much else. I quote: " Features- The air rifle B3 is a species spring, piston closs the air rifle general, it is used for competition military physical culture training As it employs a folding stocK and side-lever cocking mechanism, easy to carry.

Safety device safety reliability and adjustable rear sight and front sight. The major components of this rifle are mate of super guality steels and with rine workmanship, and have undergone special treatment.

Thus showing high rigidity and durability Precautions-Please you claen your air rifle then hour a lttle of lubricating oil on the motion hart after you had bean used The air rifle must lead pullet for 4. The TS is the rifle that the author would recommend as a youth's first serious rifle, or a basement rat-nabber, though it is much too powerful for use as a cat-aggravator.

When Tabby starts singing in the middle of the night, wipe the dust off of your Crosman, since that's the only thing you'll find that it's good for, after purchasing the TS Chinese Air Rifles by Noodle Originally published in the mid s click the ad to visit this advertiser, View All Advertisers On This Page Those who have one usually praise it, and those who don't are missing out: Chinese.It's a beautiful piece, can't wait to try it out, but I don't have a single pellet in the house that fits it.

This is my fourth purchase from Mike, I wish everyone gave his kind of service. The gun arrived today. I'm just plum tickled. The gun has a very nice stock and cocks easier than any adult rifle that I have handled. The action is super smooth and the trigger is the best of any of my guns including my RWS 34P. They are tough, powerful, accurate and reliable. Best of all is the price - with a super tuneup from Mike thrown in.

He is a super nice guy and one of the most sought after tuners out there. Read More Testimonials.

Air Rifle manufacturers & suppliers

We also offer our customers the options of purchasing rifles in factory configuration or in performance tuned versions. Flying Dragon provides professional custom airgun tuning services for many makes and models from most major manufacturers such as RWS and Beeman.

We also offer high quality custom parts fabrication and installation services for your existing air rifles at prices you can afford. Want to know more about airgun tuning? Click here.

We cut our teeth on tuning the QB78 Deluxe QB79 CO2 series and have established some of the best quality tuning and power improving procedures for these rifles bar none. We can also tune a wide variety of other brands and models with equal skill and effectiveness. We can also handle bulk sales and offer the best rates and discounts on purchases made in quantity.

If you want to buy by the crate, we can help. Contact us for full details. We specialize in professional tuning and upgrading of most popular brands of Chinese airguns. Contact us for more information on your particular model. Parts- We offer custom fabrication of select parts for a variety of airgun makes and models. We can also supply factory OEM parts and are often the only place for hard to find or discontinued parts as well.

We do not work on Gamo, Hatsan or Crosman rifles. We use Paypal for safe, secure and easy transactions. PayPal and E-mail- flyingdragonairrifles hotmail.

China Ph - Possibly the best selling break action air rifle in the UK today, the B2. This superb, value for money air rifle has been responsible for more people joining the sport of shooting than any other. A first choice air rifle packed with features normally found on models costing two or three times the price.

The custom models are polished and blued to an even further standard. This superb custom hardwood stock greatly enhances the appearance of an already top value air rifle. The SYNSG part of the series is our full size, full power flagship model, in the synthetic range. Boasting many exciting features and with accuracy results envied by guns costing four times the price!

The syntarg, totally unique rifle!!! With a plastic shrouded barrel, synthetic stock and auto safety, this rifle is ideal for target shooting at clubs, in back gardens to get started or in the. Superbly finished and unbelievable value for money — a perfect sized starter rifle! This rifle is perfectly suitable for those wanting a fully versatile hunting rifle with weather proof stock that will not get scratched whether using in the field or around the farm.

Without doubt, the lowest priced, best value synthetic stocked rifle in the UK today! Our masterpiece of engineering This rifle is superbly finished synthetic model and is perfectly suitable for those wanting a fully versatile hunting rifles with weather proof stock that will not get scratched.

This underlever rifle is superbly finished synthetic model and is perfectly suitable for those wanting a fully versatile hunting rifles with weather proof stock that will not get scratched. This spring powered, synthetic rifle has a sleek design with a chequered fore-end and grip with an ambidextrous cheek piece with a tactical recoil pad and adjustable rear sight. A masterpiece of engineering Deep polished blueing combined with a comfortable well proportioned stock presents an overall finish, that many manufacturers of rifles costing twice the price seek to achieve.

Made to our top specification and assembled, regulated and prepared in England by skilled Gunsmiths. Quite possibly the best-selling full power break action rifle on the market, millions sold worldwide! Our top model of the Supergrade range, the full power XS20 is engineered to the highest possible standards. Precision made, with double bar barrel hinges ensuring a positive precise positioning of the barrel every time. One piece trigger block which is adjustable allows perfect squeezing of the trigger not pulling.

Unbelievable consistant accuracy with every shot. A range of rifles built for all styles of shooters.

chinese b2 air rifle

The series features a Deluxe Sporter version featuring traditional sporting style stock along with fibre optic front sights. Our unmistakable Thumbhole Sporter TH, the flagship model boasting a beautiful and very comfortable thumbhole stock Perfectly balanced, this feature makes it that bit lighter for handling in the field.

B2 WestLake air rifle?

Fixed barrel and slow release valve ensuring each shot is smooth, powerful and accurate with no recoil. All fitted with superb top quality hard wood stocks. The QB78D CO2 is enhanced by its gold anodising on the bolt and trigger and innovative fibre optic sights. The XS79 is powered by a single 88g CO2 capsule - once charged simply requires cocking via the bolt action.

As you would expect, this supply gives a far greater number of shots, normally around at some 10ft. The TH78 Thumbhole stocked deluxe version of the sturdily constructed compact CO2 powered air rifle with superb top quality hard wood stock. Enhanced by its gold anodising on the bolt and trigger and innovative fibre optic sights.

Getting its power from 2 x 12 gram capsules, as you would expect, this double charged power source gives a greater number of shots, normally around at some 10 ft. Our flaship model at a budget price. The power is dependant on weight of pellets, CO2, temperature of the rifle and time of year. The stock has a crafted sleek look fore-end which gives a comfortable position when taking your shot. Also fitted with a rubber recoil pad for shoulder cushioning.The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol.

Did you know Many buyers of Chinese Air Rifles are not even aware of their origin and the air rifle has been bought purely because of it's value for money Brands A bit of info regarding Chinese airgun brands: BAMlargest Chinese airgun manufacturer, rumour has it the BAM brand name will no longer be used in the future, production targetted to "known" brand names like Crosman, Ruger, Umarex and Xisico just to name a few.

Lider is another Euro brand name used for Chinese rifles Perfecta and Norconia are German brand names used for Chinese air rifles.

chinese b2 air rifle

Remington is a famous US fire arms brand, their name is also in use for Chinese air rifles. Ruger is another famous US fire arms brand, their name is also in use for Chinese air rifles. Stoeger sounds German like Weihrauchbut Stoeger air rifles are made in China.

Techforce is an established and respected Chinese air rifle brand in the US. KG is a German manufacturer of air guns founded insome of their air rifles are made in China Perfecta, Ruger, Hammerli Hunter series. Umarex USA markets Umarex airguns in addition to many other airguns under license from various firearm brands, some of their air rifles are made in China.

SMK BAM DB4 .22 Chinese Air Rifle - Review

The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them. If you would like to contribute to this portal please contact me. Website design by Reality Software. BAMlargest Chinese airgun manufacturer, rumour has it the BAM brand name will no longer be used in the future, production targetted to "known" brand names like Crosman, Ruger, Umarex and Xisico just to name a few.The B3 underlever from China.

However, as sometimes happens, fate had a different plan. I started to chronograph the pistol with RWS Hobby pellets. I said I thought the gun would be slow, but I had no idea how slow! I cocked and fired again and it registered 67 f.

I tried deep seating the pellet and got one at f. That was followed by two pellets sticking in the barrel. If I had planned it I would have taken it apart today, but I had a couple errands that kept me from having the time, so I decided to move on to the B3 underlever I picked up in Weatherford Pawn shop a couple weeks ago. It was being sold by a company called Compasseco that I would come to know much better in the future.

I bought one, more to see what a communist Chinese airgun looked like than anything. I still recall the ad that said I could expect f. That was impressive velocity for the time. It was years before chronographs proliferated, so I had no way of checking it, which may have been a good thing.

When the rifle arrived I was not very impressed. The plastic underlever cocking handle was cracked, the metal finish was dull and uneven, the wood was pallet-grade hardwood covered by a thick shellac that had an orange cast. When the gun fired it smoked and smelled like bacon frying. I had already owned an FWB before receiving this rifle, so I knew what a good adult air rifle should and could be.

He calls the rifle I have been calling the B the B The B3 top above the B The white rectangles on the butts are safety warnings. Look at the rear sight locations. The barrel is a trifle longer than 16 inches. The pull is That makes it useful for more people worldwide. The metal appears not to have been polished and bears some grinder marks on the outside of the spring tube.

The marks have been blued over, so they were there at the factory. The stock is the same pallet-grade hardwood I mentioned at the beginning. The finish is just as thick and uneven as I remember, but the color seems less orange.

Arrows point to an area of the spring tube that was ground before bluing at the factory. The wood finish is easier to see. This picture is in focus. Most Chinese air rifles from this era have wood filler in the stock somewhere. This is actually a very small amount.